As an Independent Distributor of Wyoming Sauce Company, we want you to succeed. 

Stores/In Person

Sell to:

  • Convenience stores

  • Grocery stores

  • Restaurants

Person to person at:

  • Parties

  • Conferences

  • Festivals

  • Community events.

Other ideas include:

  • Open houses

  • Family & friends

  • Taste testing booths

  • Contests

  • Sporting events.


In today's modern world, most humans do everything from their phones and computers. Online advertising makes it easy for the population to communicate with point of product sales, whether it's popup advertisements, basic web sites, or online catalogs. They all help bring the customer to you!

On The Go

With the support and online tools that Wyoming Sauce Company offers, it makes it easy for you to manage and conduct your business on the go.

In the Wyoming Sauce Company Independent Distributor Site you'll be able to access:

  • General online agreements

  • Online ordering of products

  • Advertising Materials

  • Reminders of product order deadlines

  • Keep track of your goals

Partner in selling and promoting our mouthwatering sauces.