Give customers a reason to do business with you.


  • Travel
  • Independence
  • Flexibility
  • Personal Fulfillment
  • Connection With Clients
  • Job Security


Quality Products and Recognition - Having quality products will not only bring you great reviews and sales, but piece of mind knowing that what you're selling to the public is loved, and they're going to be back for more! Because of this, your business and reputation will be reliable in your region for years to come.

Freedom on the Job – Everybody knows best how they work. As an independent distributor with Wyoming Sauce Company, you're not going to have an immediate boss breathing down your neck trying to micro manage how to handle every aspect of your day to day workings. With Wyoming Sauce Company, you're going to be your own boss, regulate your own hours, and negotiate your own sales, from anywhere you choose within your respectable sales region. We are valued above other companies because we stand with you, not behind you. Through product support, sales tips, and training techniques that have been proven to work for sales around the globe, we help ensure goal-oriented product sales are being met.

Potential Earnings – Who doesn't like having a livable and comfortable income where you don’t need to worry when your next check is going to come in? Being your own boss gives you the power to decide how much you want to make, whether your comfortable part timing with a small income or maximizing your sales to buy that dream yacht on the lake. The bottom line is the harder you work, THE MORE YOU'LL MAKE! With the quality products and advertising potentials that Wyoming Sauce Company offers, you can pave the path you want.

Partner in selling and promoting our mouthwatering sauces.