What are the best sales and marketing approaches that Wyoming Sauce Company uses?

Their online website, floor and counter displays, banners, flyers, and radio advertisements are some of their best marketing approaches. Remember it only takes one person to like the product and tell someone else, so the more opportunities there are the better. 

How much money can I expect to earn as an independent distributor for Wyoming Sauce Company?

How much money you make as an independent distributor depends on how many sales you make. What it comes down to is you’re either doing it for supplemental income or you’re doing it to make a living.

How much inventory do I need to purchase as a new independent distributor?

Once you have your starter pack, your initial order will depend on how many customers and vendors you have picked up and what they are willing to order.  But keep in mind that the orders are paid for before they ship out to you or the vendors. So it is always suggested to start small and build yourself up. 

How often are new products introduced, how does this affect an independent distributor?

Currently, there are 1 to 2 new products introduced to the market every year. As an independent distributor, this makes it helpful to keep your product line fresh and ongoing with all the new flavors of life and the ever-changing world. 

Will there be direct selling as an independent distributor?

As an independent distributor, a majority of your sales will be done directly one on one, whether it be at parties, festivals, market locations, online tools, catalogs, in person, or by phone. 

Is being an independent distributor the best thing for me?

This is a viable option for people of most ages, genders, and income levels.  It’s a good opportunity for those people who want to have more flexibility and control in their lives instead of working a weekly 9-5 job. The two traits that one should possess before becoming an independent distributor are entrepreneurial spirit and skills and people skills. Also, this option is extremely beneficial because it provides less of a structured environment. 

THE BIG QUESTION: What is the difference between a contract and a non-contract distributor?

A contract (Wyoming Sauce Co. Ind Distributor) distributor has the ability to sell to your local grocery chain, convenient stores, mom and pop shops, etc… because they have an assigned territory/area with exclusive rights to sell in that area. As a contract distributor, you have to meet certain target/quotas goals for your territory/area.

A non-contract (Personal Ind Distributor) distributor has the ability to sell to friends and family through Wyoming Sauce Co., host parties through one-on-one selling, or use it for personal use. Non-contract distributor's cannot sell to local stores if that area has an assigned contracted distributor; however, you are still getting a huge discount on our sauce products as well.